Mary Garcia
Attention Buyers: It takes just 5 quick and easy steps (20 seconds) to view every home for sale in "Indian Wells Country Club" w/photos. This is exactly the same way a Realtor does their search ( exact same database ).

Step 1: Put a check in the box that says "residential" in section 1...after doing this another section will appear...just leave blank.
Step 2: Click on magnifying glass at the end of the "Area" section below and choose "Indian Wells"..then click "ok"
Step 3: Click on the magnifying glass at the end of the "Subdivisions" section and choose "Indian Wells Country Club" ...then click "ok"
Step 4: Put in a price range... do not make the price range to wide.
Step 5: Click on "Submit" button at the middle/right of's this easy. If you have difficulities then give me a call at 760-779-5353 and I will walk you through it.